Kevin Spacey Height

Kevin Spacey

Full Name
Kevin Spacey Fowler
How tall is Kevin Spacey?
1.78m or 5feet 10inches

Kevin Spacey Net Worth
$80 Million

Kevin Spacey was born in South Orange, New Jersey, USA (July 26, 1959). His father is a data consultant, Thomas Geoffrey and mother is a secretary, Kathleen Ann. Spacey’s acting career began with the film ‘Heartburn’ in 1986. His first major role came with the drama movie ‘Glengarry Glen Ross’ in 1992. Spacey’s big break came with ‘The Usual Suspects’ as Verbal in 1995, he won first Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor with this role. His second Academy Award for Best Actor came with movie ‘American Beauty’ as Lester Burnham in 1999.
He plays in TV series ‘House of Cards’ as Francis Underwood from 2013.

The most known movies of Kevin Spacey;

Kevin Spacey (5'11'') with Zachary Quinto (6'2'') in Margin Call (2011)

Kevin Spacey (5’10”) with Zachary Quinto (6’2”) in Margin Call (2011)

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