William Fichtner Height

William Fichtner

Full Name
William Edward Fichtner
How tall is William Fichtner?
1.84m or 6feet 0.5inches

William Fichtner Net Worth
$9 Million

William Fichtner was born in Mitchell Field Air Force Base, East Meadow, Long Island, New York, USA (November 27, 1956). Fichtner’s parents are William and Patricia. Fichtner graduated from the AADA (The American Academy of Dramatic Arts) in NY. In 1987, Fichtner played on the TV series ‘As the World Turns’ as his first career role, Rod Landry. Fichtner’s film role was with the film ‘Quiz Show’ in 1994. In 1995, Fichtner’s major roles were in the films ‘Virtuosity’, ‘Strange Days’ and ‘Heat’.

The most known movies of William Fichtner;

Kymberly Kalil is his wife from 1998.

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