Willem Dafoe Height

Willem Dafoe

Full Name
William J. Dafoe
How tall is Willem Dafoe?
1.75m or 5feet 9inches

Willem Dafoe Net Worth
$25 Million

Willem Dafoe was born in Appleton, Wisconsin, USA (July 22, 1955). His parents are nurse, Muriel Isabel and Doctor, William Alfred. In 1981, Dafoe’s acting career started in the film ‘Heaven’s Gate’ with small role. Same year, he landed in the film ‘The Loveless’ as leading role. In 1986, his breakthrough role was in the war film ‘Platoon’ directed by Oliver Stone. With his performance, Dafoe was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in Academy Awards.

The most known films of Willem Dafoe;

Willem Dafoe (height 5'9'') with Ethan Hawke (height 5'11'') in Daybreakers (2009)

Willem Dafoe (height 5’9”) with Ethan Hawke (height 5’11”) in Daybreakers (2009)

Italian actress Giada Colagrande is his wife since March 2005.

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