Vera-Ellen Height


Full Name
Vera Ellen Westmeier Rohe
How tall was Vera-Ellen?
1.63m or 5feet 4inches

Vera-Ellen Net Worth

American actress and dancer Vera-Ellen was born in Norwood, Ohio, USA (February 16, 1921). Ellen’s mother was Alma Catherine Westmeier and her father was Martin Rohe.

The most known movies of Vera-Ellen;

  • Wonder Man (1945) with Danny Kaye, Virginia Mayo
  • On the Town (1949) with Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Ann Miller
  • Three Little Words (1950) with Fred Astaire, Red Skelton, Debbie Reynolds
  • White Christmas (1954) with Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye

What is Vera-Ellen’s first movie?
Vera-Ellen’s first movie is “Wonder Man” which was filmed in 1945.

What was Vera-Ellen’s nickname?
Bunny was her nickname.

What was Vera-Ellen’s weight?
Vera-Ellen’s weight was 99 lbs (45 kg).

What were Vera-Ellen’s measurements and bra size?
Vera-Ellen’s measurements were 33-21-32 and her bra size was 33A.

What was Vera Ellen’s waist size?
Her waist size was 21 in.

How old was Vera-Ellen when she died?
Vera-Ellen has died 60 years old due to cancer on August 30, 1981 in Los Angeles, California.

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