Tom Hanks Height

Tom Hanks

Full Name
Thomas Jeffrey Hanks
How tall is Tom Hanks?
1.83m or 6feet 0inches

Tom Hanks Net Worth
$350 Million

Tom Hanks was born in Concord, California, USA(July 9, 1956).His first movie was He Knows You’re Alone(1980).
He made these films: “Saving Private Ryan”, “Catch Me If You Can”, “The Terminal” with Steven Spielberg.

The most known movies of Tom Hanks;

Tom Hanks (height 5'10'') with Halle Berry in Cloud Atlas (2012)

Tom Hanks (height 6’0”) with Halle Berry (height 5’5.5”) in Cloud Atlas (2012)

In 1993 66th Academy Awards He won Best Actor with Philadelphia.
In 1994 67th Academy Awards He won Best Actor with Forrest Gump.

He has 4 children from 2 wifes; First is Samantha Lewes(2)
Current is actress Rita Wilson(2)

California State University, Sacramento
Zodiac Sign

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