Sharlto Copley Height

Sharlto Copley

Full Name
Sharlto Copley
How tall is Sharlto Copley?
1.83m or 6feet 0inches

Sharlto Copley Net Worth
$17 Million

Sharlto Copley was born in Johannesburg, South Africa (November 27, 1973). Copley’s mother is Linda and father is Dr. Bruce. Copley is dating with model-actress Tanit Phoenix since 2012. Copley’s acting career started with the film ‘District 9’ as his first starring role, Wikus Van De Merwe in 2009. His next major role came with the film ‘The A-Team’ as Murdock in 2010. Copley returned to act in 2013 with the films ‘Europa Report’, ‘Open Grave’, ‘Elysium’ and ‘Oldboy’. Copley starred in the film ‘Chappie’ in 2015. He also played in the film ‘Hardcore’ and on the TV series ‘Powers’.

The most known movies and TV series of Sharlto Copley;

How much does Sharlto Copley weigh?
Sharlto Copley weighs 183 lbs or 83 kg.

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