Sean Connery Height


Full Name
Thomas Sean Connery
How tall is Sean Connery?
1.89m or 6feet 2.5inches

Sean Connery Net Worth
$300 Million

Sean Connery was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (August 25, 1930). His father is a factory worker, Joseph and mother is a housewife, Euphemia McBain. His first major films were ‘Another Time, Another Place’ in 1958, ‘Darby O’Gill and the Little People’ in 1959. Connery’s big break role came with the film ‘Dr. No’ as secret agent James Bond. He also played in six Bond films; In 1963 ‘From Russia with Love’, In 1964 ‘Goldfinger’, In 1965 ‘Thunderball’, In 1967 ‘You Only Live Twice’, In 1971 ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ and In 1983, ‘Never Say Never Again’.

Most known movies of Sean Connery;

Sean connery (height 6'2.5'') with Ursula Andress (5'5'') in Doktor No (1962)

Sean connery (height 6’2.5”) with Ursula Andress (5’5”) in Doktor No (1962)

In 1987, he won Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor with the film ‘The Untouchables’. He was retired from acting (June 7, 2007). He has a son named Jason from his first wife Diane Cilento.


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