Russell Crowe Height

Russell Crowe

Full Name
Russell Ira Crowe
How tall is Russell Crowe?
1.82m or 5feet 11.5inches

Russell Crowe Net Worth
$75 Million

Russell Crowe was born in Wellington, New Zealand (April 7, 1964). Russell’s parents are John Alexander Crowe and Jocelyn Yvonne Crowe. Russell’s ancestors are Australian, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Swedish, Maori, Norwegian.
In 1995, Crowe became an international fame with The Quick and the Dead film ( Sharon Stone, Leonardo DiCaprio, Gene Hackman).

The most known films of Russell Crowe;

Russell Crowe (height 5'11.5'') with Mark Wahlberg (height 5'8'') in Broken City (2013)

Russell Crowe (height 5’11.5”) with Mark Wahlberg (height 5’8”) in Broken City (2013)

In 2000, 73rd Academy Awards he won Best Actor with Gladiator.
In 2001, with A Beautiful Mind film he won Best Actor in BAFTA and Golden Globe Awards.
Crowe has two sons named Charles Spencer and Tennyson Spencer from wife Danielle Spencer who was married him between 2001 – 2012.

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