Robert Downey Jr. Height

Robert Downey Jr.

Full Name
Robert Downey Jr.
How tall is Robert Downey Jr.?
1.74m or 5feet 8,5inches

Robert Downey Jr. Net Worth
$175 Million

American actor Robert Downey Jr. was born New York, USA ( April 4, 1965). He is also singer and producer. As a young child, he started his film career. Robert’s first movie was Pound in 1970. Downey’s mother (Elsie Downey) was an actress. His father is Robert Downey, Sr. who is a director, actor, writer.

The most known films of Robert Downey Jr.;

Robert Downey Jr. (height 5'8,5'') and Jamie Foxx (height 5'9'') in The Soloist (2009)

Robert Downey Jr. (height 5’8,5”) with Jamie Foxx (height 5’9”) in The Soloist (2009)

He was married Deborah Falconer from 1992 to 2004. He has a child from Deborah. Currently he is married producer Susan Downey. The couple have a son and they live in Los Angeles.

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