Paul Walker Height

Paul Walker

Full Name
Paul William Walker
Paul Walker Height
1.86 m or 6feet 1inches

Paul Walker Net Worth
$25 Million

Paul William Walker  was born in Glendale, California, USA (September 12, 1973). On November 30, 2013 he died in a tragic car accident with his friend Roger Rodas in Valencia, Santa Clarita, California, USA.
The latest completed movie of him is “Brick Mansions”.

The most known movies of Paul Walker:

Paul Walker with Chris Brown in Takers (2010). Paul Walker's height is 6'2''.

Paul Walker with Chris Brown in Takers (2010).
Paul Walker’s height is 6’1”.

Paul Walker lived in Huntington Beach and Santa Barbara, California, USA. He had a daughter named Meadow from Rebecca Soteros and also he owned 2 dogs and 1 horse.
‘Charity Reach Out Worldwide’ is Paul Walker organization.

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