Mel Gibson Height

Mel Gibson

Full Name
Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson
How tall is Mel Gibson?
1.77m or 5feet 9.5inches

Mel Gibson Net Worth
$600 Million

Mel Gibson was born in Peekskill, New York, USA (January 3, 1956). His parents are Hutton Gibson and Patricia Gibson. They have eleven children and Mel is the sixth. After his graduation from National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney-Australia, he entered the Southern Australian Theater Company. After that he decided to try television and first role was with The Sullivans(Australian series) between 1976-1983.

The most known films of Mel Gibson;

Mel Gibson (height 5'9.5'') and Julia Roberts (height 5'9'') in Conspiracy Theory (1997)

Mel Gibson (height 5’9.5”) and Julia Roberts (height 5’9”) in Conspiracy Theory (1997)

In 1995, 68th Academy Awards, he won Best Director and Best Picture with Braveheart.

Gibson's Zodiac Sign

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