Liam Hemsworth Height

Liam Hemsworth

Full Name
Liam Hemsworth
How tall is Liam Hemsworth?
1.91m or 6feet 3inches

Liam Hemsworth Net Worth
$1.5 Million

Liam Hemsworth was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia(January 13, 1990). Liam is brother of actors Luke and Chris Hemsworth, he is the youngest son of Leonie and Craig Hemsworth. Before travel to Los Angeles, California, he entered the Australian soap opera Neighbours in 2007.

The most known movies of Liam Hemsworth;

 Liam Hemsworth (height 6'1'') with Amber Heard in Paranoia (2013)

Liam Hemsworth (height 6’3”) with Amber Heard (height 5’7”) in Paranoia (2013)

His engagement with Miley Cyrus ended on September 2013. They were engaged on June 2012.
Paul Newman and Leonardo DiCaprio is his favorite actors.

Liam's Zodiac Sign

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