Kris Kristofferson Height

Kris Kristofferson

Full Name
Kristoffer Kristofferson
How tall is Kris Kristofferson?
1.82m or 5feet 11.5inches

Kris Kristofferson Net Worth
$160 Million

American actor, singer, former soldier, musician and songwriter Kris Kristofferson was born in Brownsville, Texas, USA (June 22, 1936). His mother was Mary Ann and his father was Lars Henry Kristofferson, a United States Air Force Major General.

A one-time Academy Award nominee for his performance as Blackie Buck in Songwriter. In 1977, Kristofferson won Golden Globe Award with the film ‘A Star Is Born’ for Best Motion Picture Actor.

The most known movies of Kris Kristofferson;

What is Kris Kristofferson’s first film?
Kris Kristofferson’s first movie is “The Last Movie ” which was filmed in 1971.

What is Kris Kristofferson’s education background?
San Mateo High School, Pomona College and Oxford University

What are music genres of Kris Kristofferson?
Kris’ music genres are country, rock and folk music.

Kris Kristofferson has eight children from three women.

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