Kenneth Branagh Height


Full Name
Kenneth Charles Branagh
How tall is Kenneth Branagh?
1.78m or 5feet 10inches

Kenneth Branagh Net Worth
$58 Million

Kenneth Branagh was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK (December 10, 1960). His parents are William and Frances. Branagh was married actress Emma Thompson in 1989-95, his current wife is Lindsay Brunnock since 2003. Branagh’s first major acting roles came with the TV movie ‘To the Lighthouse’ and the TV series ‘Maybury’ in 1983. His first cinema movie roles came with ‘High Season’ as Rick and ‘A Month in the Country’ as James Moon in 1987. Branagh’s first leading movie role came with ‘Henry V’ in 1989. Branagh’s big break role came with the TV series ‘Wallander’ as Kurt Wallander in 2008.

The most known movies and TV series of Kenneth Branagh;

How much does Kenneth Branagh weigh?
Kenneth Branagh weighs 187 lbs or 85 kg.


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