Julius Caesar Height

julius caesar

Full Name
Gaius Julius Caesar
How tall was Julius Caesar?
1.68 m or 5feet 6inches
Birth Date: July 12, 100 BC
Death Date: March 15, 44 BC

Julius Caesar was a Roman general and politician, and was responsible for changing the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. Caesar was born to a patrician family and was the nephew of Gaius Marius who would fought with the then dictator Cornelius Sulla. Sulla was purging Rome of all his political enemies and Caesar was stripped of all property and forced into hiding.

The threat was lifted after intervention by Caesar’s mother’s family. He joined the army and returned after Sulla’s death. Upon his return, Caesar became a regal advocate and was well known for his powers of public speaking. Caesar was captured by pirates during a voyage, and after his release, he lead a force to destroy the pirates that had captured him, he then repealed forces threatening the Eastern border of the Empire and was made military tribune. He was made imperative[sp?] by his troops after several military victories in Spain before he returned to Rome. He was elected Consul upon his return and later Governor of Gaul after his conquest of the Gaul lands.

He also tried to conquer Briton with mild success. Caesar then returned to Rome to face his old ally Pompey who had declared Caesar an enemy of the state in his absence. Caesar defeated Pompey’s army and Pompey fled to Egypt where he was subsequently murdered by Queen Cleopatra of Egypt’s brother Ptolemy.

Caesar entered a war against Ptolemy with Cleopatra and begun a 14 year relationship with Cleopatra. He was appointed dictator in 47 BC and established a new constitution and calender which is still used to this day. He was murdered by a group of senators and close friends who claimed to be ridding Rome of Caesar’s tyranny on the Ides of March, the 15th of the month, in the year 44 BC.

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