Jason Bateman Height

Jason Bateman

Full Name
Jason Kent Bateman
How tall is Jason Bateman?
1.80m or 5feet 11inches

Jason Bateman Net Worth
$12 Million

American actor Jason Kent Bateman was born in Rye, New York, USA (August 18, 1969). He is also producer and director.

The most known movies and TV series of Jason Bateman;

Jason Bateman (heigth 5'10'') in Bad Words (2013)

Jason Bateman (heigth 5’11’) in Bad Words (2013)

Jason’s favourite movie is There Will Be Blood starring of Daniel Day-Lewis.
In 2001, Jason married singer Paul Anka’s daugter Amanda Anka. The couple have two child.

He Attended Pacific Hills School, but never graduated from school.
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