James Franco Height

James Franco

Full Name
James Edward Franco
How tall is James Franco?
1.80m or 5feet 11inches

James Franco Net Worth
$20 Million

James Franco was born in Palo Alto, California, USA (19 April 1978). He began his acting career with role for Pizza Hut on television commercial. In 1999, NBC television series Freaks and Geeks was his big break as Daniel Desario. After that James also starred in television series To Serve and Protect.

The most known films of James Franco;

James Franco (height 5'11'') with Jason Statham (height 5'10'') in Homefront (2013)

James Franco (height 5’11”) with Jason Statham (height 5’10”) in Homefront (2013)

Dave Franco and Tom Franco are Franco’s brothers and Betsy Franco and Doug Franco are their parents. He was in relationship with Marla Sokoloff (2000-2005) after that with actress Ahna O’Reilly (2006-2011).

Rhode Island School of Design
Tisch School of the Arts
Palo Alto High School
Brooklyn College
Warren Wilson College
Columbia University school of the art
University of California
Yale University
New York University
James's Zodiac Sign

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