G-Eazy Height


Real Name
Gerald Earl Gillum
How tall is G-Eazy?
1.96m or 6feet 5inches

G-Eazy Net Worth
$1 Million

G-Eazy was born and grew up in Oakland, California, USA (May 24, 1989) who is an rapper and also known as Young Gerald. His career began in 2006 and he has released countless mixtapes and EP’s. G-Eazy’s singles have spawned viral singles. His single “I Mean It” has garnered over nineteen million views on YouTube.
In 2011, he graduated from Loyola University New Orleans. He is referred to hip hop’s as the James Dean.

What are the most popular G-Eazy’s songs?
Marilyn (2012) ft. Dominique LeJeune
Almost Famous (2013)
I Mean It (2014) ft. Remo
Let’s Get Lost (2014) ft. Devon Baldwin

What are G-Eazy’s labels?
His labels are RVG, RCA Records and BPG.

What is G-Eazy’s weight?
G-Eazy weight is 198 lbs or 90 kg.

Who with did G-Eazy collaborate?
G-Eazy collaborated with ASAP Ferg, French Montana, Hoodie Allen and others.


  • G-Eazy music is great me and cousin listen to all your music when we are playing outside or playing inside. I like your one song RUN and Lady Killer 2 and Last Night those songs are great thank you for all the great songs

    Koby Parker May 17, 2015 9:54 pm
  • I discovered G Eazy about last year, and he is my favorite artist so far. Getald brings a certain vibe to his music that keeps you listening. He is amazing all around, and not to metion his concerts are breathtaking. I highly recommend the songs “been on” and “the coolest job”.

    Suki October 23, 2015 5:16 pm

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