Frank Dillane Height


Full Name
Frank Dillane
How tall is Frank Dillane?
1.78m or 5feet 10inches

Frank Dillane Net Worth
$300 Thousand

Frank Dillane was born in England, UK (April 21, 1991). Dillane’s mother is an actress, Naomi and father is actor, Stephen. Dillane appeared in the film ‘Welcome to Sarajevo’ as Christopher Henderson, when he was 6 years old. In 2009, Dillane’s first professional role came with the film ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ as Tom Riddle. In 2015, Dillane played on the TV series ‘Sense8’ and ‘Fear the Walking Dead’.

The most known movies and TV series of Frank Dillane;

What is Frank Dillane’s weight?
Frank Dillane’s weight is 163 lbs or 74 kg.

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