Emperor Hirohito Height

Emperor Hirohito

Full Name
Michinomiya Hirohito
How tall was Hirohito?
1.65 m or 5feet 5inches
Birth Date: April 29, 1901
Death Date: January 7, 1989

Emperor Hirohito was the 124th Emperor of Japan reigning from 1926 until 1989. Hirohito was born in Tokyo in 1901, and was the eldest son of the Crown Prince Yoshihito. When Yoshihito’s father died when Hirohito was just 11, Yoshihito became Emperor Taisho, and Hirohito was named the heir apparent.

Hirohito attended school, and then attended a special institute for the Crown Prince until 1921 when he embarked on a six month tour of Europe, becoming the first member of the Japanese imperial family to travel abroad. Hirohito married Princess Nagako in 1924, and was made emperor in 1926 when his father died.

Hirohito ascended to power during a difficult time in Japan, a financial crisis was deeply affecting the country. Hirohito’s influence and power grew after Prime Minister Inukai Tsuyoshi was assassinated 1936, an attempted military coup was crashed under Hirohito’s orders. Japan invaded Manchuria origin in North East China in 1931, and then invaded parts of China in 1937.

In 1940 under Hirohito’s leadership, Japan formed the access powers under the Tripo Tipacked, with Nati Germany infectious Italy and prepared for war with the United States and Great Britain if diplomacy failed. Hirohito was an advocate for a peaceful resolution to the disagreements with the West, but slowly begun to favor war and choose hard line General Hideki Tojo to provide a policy review of recent conferences.

Tojo along with the chiefs of staffs of Navien army convinced Hirohito to opt for war, and eventually the emperor gave the order for the execution of the simultaneous attacks on Pearl Harbor and the Philippines as well as the invasion of Malaysia in 1941. Hirohito was initially pleased by Japan’s early victories, but by the Spring of 1945 the defeat of Japan seemed imminent.

Hirohito had sent out orders to all Japanese civilians commanding them to commit suicide rather than surrender, leading to the suicide of over 10, 000 civilians as the allied forces continued to advance. Following the atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Hirohito insisted that Japan surrender.

He made a radio broadcast in August 1945, announcing the end of the war. Following the war much criticism was directed towards Hirohito for the atrocities carries out by the Imperial Forces in World War II, and many wanted him tried as a war criminal. The decision was made to exonerate all members of the imperial family under the direction of US general Douglas Macarthr.

He spent his post war years travelling throughout Japan observing the progress of the reconstruction of the country and slowly gaining popularity for the imperial family, as well as travelling abroad to meet with various foreign leaders to rebuild Japan’s diplomatic image. In 1988, he collapsed in his palace and died on January the 7th 1989.

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