Emma Stone Height

Emma Stone

Full Name
Emily Jean Stone
How tall is Emma Stone?
1.68m or 5feet 6inches

Emma Stone Net Worth
$8 Million

Emily Jean Stone was born in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA (November 6, 1988). She started acting at Valley Youth Theatre when Stone was eleven years old. Emma Stone made her big-screen debut, in 2010, with in Easy A.

The most known films of Emma Stone;

Emma Stone (height with Ryan Gosling (height  in Gangster Squad (2013)

Emma Stone (height 5’6”) with Ryan Gosling (height 6’0”) in Gangster Squad (2013)

Descent of Stone is Swedish, English, Pennsylvania Dutch, Irish and Scottish. Jennifer Lawrence and Jonah Hill are good friends of Emma.

Emma Stone Weight and Measurements
51 kg or 112 lbs and 30-24-33
Stone's Zodiac Sign

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