Christina Ricci Height

Christina Ricci

Full Name
Christina Ricci
How tall is Christina Ricci?
1.55m or 5feet 1inches

Christina Ricci Net Worth
$18 Million

Christina Ricci was born in Santa Monica, California, USA (February 12, 1980). Christina Ricci started her acting career in 1990, her first movie was Mermaids. Christina was one of the child star in Hollywood.

The most known movies of Christina Ricci;

Christina Ricci in Penelope (2006). Christina Ricci's height is 5'11''.

Christina Ricci in Penelope (2006). Christina Ricci’s height is 5’11”.

She is also an American voice actress. The actress charges about $125 thousand per episode (TV series ‘Pan Am’).

Morristown-Beard School, Professional Children’s School
Zodiac Sign

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