Caspar Lee Height

caspar lee

Full Name
Caspar Richard Lee
How tall is Caspar Lee?
1.89m or 6feet 2.5inches

Caspar Lee Net Worth
$1.5 Million

Caspar Lee was born in London, England, UK (24 April 1994) who is a vlogger and actor. Lee has a sibling named Theodora. Caspar grew up in South Africa but living in London. Popular YouTuber Joe Sugg is roommate of Lee. In 2010, he started his YouTube channel when Lee was 16 years old. Caspar has over 4.9 million subscribers and over 351 million views on YouTube. Also he has over 2.94 million followers on Twitter and more than 3.1 million followers on Instagram, as of August 2015.

What is first movie of Caspar Lee?
Caspar Lee’s first movie is “Spud 3: Learning to Fly” which was filmed in 2014.

How much does Caspar Lee weigh?
Caspar Lee weighs 179 lbs or 80 kg.

Who with did Caspar Lee collaborate?
Caspar Lee has collaborated with fellow YouTubers such as Tyler Oakley, Bertie Gilbert, Sam Pepper, Troye Sivan, Marcus Butler, JacksGap, Dan Howell, and Alfie Deyes.

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