Bryan Cranston Height

Bryan Cranston

Full Name
Bryan Lee Cranston
How tall is Bryan Cranston?
1.79m or 5feet 10.5inches

Bryan Cranston Net Worth
$30 Million

Bryan Cranston was born in Canoga Park, California, USA (March 7, 1956). His father is an actor, Joseph Louis and mother is a radio actress, Audrey Peggy. He has two siblings. His first breakthrough role was in TV series ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ in 2000. Cranston also took guest roles in several TV series, ‘The Flash’, ‘The X-Files’, ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’. Cranston landed in films’Contagion’, ‘Drive’ and ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ as a supporting role. He starred a major role in drama film’Argo’ in 2012.

The most known movies of Bryan Cranston;

Bryan Cranston height is 5'10.5''

Bryan Cranston height is 5’10.5”

In 1984, Cranston married Robin Dearden. Taylor Dearden is their daughter. He can play drum. He is a big fan of baseball.

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