Ben Stiller Height

Ben Stiller

Full Name
Benjamin Edward Stiller
How tall is Ben Stiller?
1.70m or 5feet 7inches

Ben Stiller Net Worth
$120 Million

Ben Stiller was born in New York City, New York, USA (November 30, 1965). His comedian gene come from his father Jerry Stiller, and Anne Meara is his mother. Stiller’s sister name is Amy. In 1987 People knew him for the first time with the sketchs in Saturday Night Live Show. And In 1992-93 Stiller made his own comedy show on Fox, named The Ben Stiller Show.

The most known films of Ben Stiller;

Ben Stiller (height 5'10'') with Vince Vaughn (height 6'5'') and Jonah Hill in The Watch (2012)

Ben Stiller (height 5’7”) with Vince Vaughn (height 6’5”) and Jonah Hill (height 5’7”) in The Watch (2012)

Christine Taylor is Stiller’s wife from May 2000 and they have two children named Ella Olivia and Quinlin Dempsey.
Stiller won Emmy Award with The Ben Stiller Show.

University of California, Los Angeles
Stiller's Zodiac Sign

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