Ben Affleck Height

ben affleck

Full Name
Benjamin Geza Affleck
Ben Affleck Height
1.89 m or 6feet 2inches

Ben Affleck Net Worth
$75 Million

Benjamin Geza Affleck was born in Berkeley, California, USA (August 15, 1972) began his career on The Dark End of the Street (1981). Ben Affleck is an American actor who has become known nowadays for his portrayal of Nick Dunne in the movie Gone Girl.

The most known movies of Ben Affleck;

Adrien Brody, Diane Lane and Ben Affleck in Hollywoodland (2006). Affleck's height is

Adrien Brody, Diane Lane and Ben Affleck in Hollywoodland (2006).
Affleck’s height is 6’2”.

70th Academy Awards In 1997, Ben Affleck won Best Original Screenplay (Shared with Matt Damon) with Good Will Hunting.
85th Academy Awards In 2013, Ben Affleck won Best Picture (Shared with Grant Heslov, George Clooney) with Argo.

Ben Affleck current marriage is with Jennifer Garner from 2005. They have tree daughters.

Occidental College, University of Vermont
Zodiac Sign
Scottish American,
Irish American


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