Andrew Garfield Height

Andrew Garfield

Full Name
Andrew Russell Garfield
How tall is Andrew Garfield?
1.79m or 5feet 10.5inches

Andrew Garfield Net Worth
$10 Million

Andrew Garfield was born in Los Angeles, California, USA (August 20, 1983). His mother is teaching assistant Lynn and father is swimming head coach Richard. In 2004, he graduated from University of London, Speech & Drama. Beginning of his career, he starred in two major films; ‘Boy A and Lions for Lambs’. In 2012, His first big break role was with ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’.

The most known movies of Andrew Garfield;

He linked to actress Shannon Woodward for 3 years. After this relationship, he began relationship with Emma Stone since 2001. ‘Teen Wolf’film is the most favourite of him.

Garfield's Zodiac Sign

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