Albert Einstein Height

Albert Einstein

Full Name
Albert Einstein
How tall was Albert Einstein?
1.75 m or 5feet 9inches
Birth Date: March 14, 1879

Death Date: April 18, 1955

Albert Einstein was born in Germany into a middle-class Jewish family. Einstein claim that one of the most important influences in igniting his love for science and mathematics was a young medical student named Max Talmey. Talmey became an informal tutor introducing a teenage Einstein to higher mathematics and philosophy.

Albert Einstein height is 5'9''

Albert Einstein height is 5’9”

Einstein would eventually enter the Swiss federal polytechnic school in Zurich where he trained as a teacher. Unable to find a teaching position, Einstein was eventually offered a job as a Swiss patent clerk. Einstein married a former physics classmate in 1903, and 1905 became known as Einsteins miracle year.

He published four papers on the subjects of Photoelectrics, Brownian Motion, Special Relativity and the Equivalence of Matter and Energy. Each of these papers altered the course of modern physics. In his paper Mass Energy Equivalence, Einstein produced the equation E=MC2, from his special relativity equations.

E=MC2 communicated the concept that the mass of a body is a measure of it’s energy content. After Einstein rose to prominence in the scientific community and taught in Zurich and Prog. He returned to Germany in 1914 to assume the role of Director of The Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for physics. In 1911 Einstein simized[sp] that based on his theory of general relativity, light emitted from another star would be bent by the sun’s gravity. When Einstein’s theory was rectified by other top scientists, he became world famous, and in 1921 he was awarded Nobel Price for Physics.

In 1933, the Nazi’s were rising to power under Adolf Hitler. Einstein fled Germany and immigrated to the United States. Einstein become an important figure in American society most notably for his scientific contributions. But also as a pacifist and promoter of peace and free thinking, and in 1952 Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel, a cultural leadership position which he declined.

Albert Einstein’s many works including his special theory of relativity greatly influenced the surrounding scientific community as well as the modern world.

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